Need brakes replaced ASAP

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Feb 20, 2004
DC area
Just noticed my state inspection sticker expired and I've been neglecting my brakes. :eek: Any shop recommendations for getting a brake job on an 80 series? Prefer NoVA or Rockville, MD area. I need to replace all four rotors and pads. Not sure if I want to tackle this myself since I've never done it before. Kind of sad since I've got a garage too. Oh well... any help appreciated. :cheers:
I haven't worked on an 80 series, but replacing rotors and pads shouldn't be that tough. You shouldn't even need to open up the fluid system (requiring a bleeding of the brakes). Maybe an 80 series guy in the area can give you a hand.
I agree doing it myself is the best route. I've even got the FSM but because we're talking brakes, I don't want to risk doing something wrong. Having someone that's done it before sure would help the confidence level. Otherwise I'm willing to pay a shop but don't want to take it to the dealer.
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If you just replace the pads it's only a 1:banana: job, and shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. Are your rotors screwed up or warped ?
I just did the rear pads last weekend, including new e-brake shoes.

Farely straight forward. Just keep the fluid cap off and draw little bit of fluid off it before you start, as mentioned in the FSM.

I'm planning on doing the front this coming weekend.

Rotors have ridges, making a grinding sound when braking so I'm going to replace them too.

Thanks for the contact Stumbaugh, Vienna's not far from me.

Riad: Are you doing pads only?
check the min thickness. should be stamped on the rotors. if the still have plenty of life, you should just be able to get them turned at a machine shop. check prices first though.

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