Need Backspacing Rims W/Large T100 Calipers - HELP!


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Jan 31, 2003
"the whale's vagina", CA

I have been fu*(&$ng around with this sheeeeeeet for awhile now and am hoping to find someone with the same problem as myself and the solution they came to. First off this is the vehicle and specs:

73 fj40, rear downey disc kit, front minitruck brakes with T100 Toyota Tacoma brakes (these are large calipers). Running stock axles.

The issue I am running into is trying to find a place that will make custom backspaced rims for me (3.0 backspace) that will also fit my particular situation and front calipers. The rims I am using now are backspaced probably around 4.5 (V stye / spoke rims) BUT they do not rub the calipers because of the degree of the inner flange on the wheel in angled enough to not hit the T100 Calipers. The only reason I am looking for new rims is to get the rubber out away from the sheetmetal so it won't rub when it flexes, along with a little more stability (wider).

I spent most of the freakin day today dealing with the asshats at discount tire. They have now ordered me 2 sets of rims. One was a 4 inch backspace and wouldn't fit. Told me I needed more BS so they reordered a set of 3.5 BS. Went into today and they did not fit. What I realized is that the issue is not with the BS but rather in the style of rim. As I mentioned above the rims I am using now have a V style window and the inner flange is more angle thus it does not hit the caliper. Also, the rims that DT ordered for me have D style openings that have a small lip on the inside of the rim, this seems to be the problem as this lip hits on the caliper. I would guess the lip is about 1/4 inch thick. The D style rims also don't have as much of an angle to the flange thus causing it to hit more on the calipers.

To make things clear, I don't want to run spacers. the rims at 4wheel parts everyone mentions won't fit landcruisers, I have checked.

All of the above leads me to believe that again the problem is not with the backspacing but rather the type of rims. If this were not true, the rims I have now wouldn't work at all. I am hoping that the "spoke style" rims from US Wheel with the "V" style opening I mentioned above will work? I have discount tire ordering a set of these for me and am hoping they will work. Anyone out there have this same specific experience? I am looking for thoughts from others that have run the same calipers as me and what they have done. The good news: discount tire has offered to have the US wheel rims Pcoated at no cost since they only come unpainted from US wheel (not black).

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Jun 23, 2002
I'm not real sure about all the details about your style of rims, however when I was fighting my disc brake setup (4runner v6 calipers) I didn't want to run spacers either. There is a tire shop in Burbank, CA " Western Tire" That said they could get the black "rockcrawler" style wheels made custom bs for me. I was surprised at the minimal added cost (i cant remember what it was , but it wasnt bad..i remember that)
I just ended up running the spacers and never took them up on the custom wheel deal. These guys are all offroaders and are pretty sharp, good luck hope this helps alittle.
Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
I know the problem, I went thru this. Try a Unique white spoke in 3.75, they have a D but it's flat on the back, no lip. This is what I used after the 4Wheel Parts rims wouldn't work. I got them thru Discount tire.

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