Need asap! Hard brake line driver side 1990 fj62

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Jul 25, 2008
Pasadena CA, SoCal.
Dang it! I'm replacing my brake hoses but it is frozen! The hard line is stripped! I need the hard line that runs the front end. Does anyone have one near Pasadena ca? Thanks in advance!
Which hard line? There are 4 hard lines that go from the union on the passenger frame rail to both front calipers.
A couple weeks ago I snapped both hard lines in the rear of my truck. (They were rusted in tight to the cylinders.) in the end, I just went to the local auto parts store and bought two straight sections of tube with the right pre-flared ends and nuts, along with a cheap tube bender, and made my own. I'd never bent tubing before, and was surprised by how easy it was. Honestly, they look almost as good as the pre-bent stock ones--so my recommendation is to just go ahead and bend yourself some new lines.
^^^ what he said. Also, if one is rotten check/replace the rest. Ask me how I know...

had something similar happen when I upgraded brake lines, ended up biting the bullet and ordering from SOR.
if the hard line fitting is stripped, use a pair of vice grips.

making brakes lines is pretty easy, if you have a good tool.

a flaring kit can cost 25-75$
doesnt always come with a pipe cutter 10$
a roll of 25ft of brake line is 20$ or 2-3$/ft

a replacement brake line can cost upto 40$+1hr of labour.

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