Need advise wiring an overhead switch panel

Nov 13, 2002
The Saratoga slums, CA
I'm moving three switches to an overhead console that I fabbed up. I'm going to repurpose some junkyard defogger switches for a somewhat OEM look. I would like the switches to work as intended, with backlight illumination at night when the headlights are on, and the indicator lamps working when the switch is on.
I have this thought that I could utilize the harness connector that would power the optional Altimeter / Compass / Subtank panel, but my '97 never came with that option. I was hoping that the harness was already wired close to the moonroof controls, but I guess not.
I could run a 5-wire ribbon cable up the A-pillar but I'd really like to avoid hooking up power, ground and illumination to random sources. I'd like to keep the wiring neater than the usual hack jobs I throw together.
For those of you that have added the altimeter console; can you give me a clue as to where the harness connector is located and whether it provides power/grd/illumination? Search seems to indicate its down near the left kick panel, but I couldn't find details.

Overhead switch Panel.jpg

If the collective has other brilliant ideas, I'm all ears. Just don't tell me to buy a $600.00 SwitchPro panel to fire up my $12 chinesium ditch lights. :)

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