**NEED ADVICE** Suspension upgrade 1995 4runner

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May 3, 2021
winston salem
Hey folks. I'm kicking around the idea of putting new front and rear suspension on my 2nd gen. 1. To increase the ride quality. 2. decrease the sag on the back.
In your opinion what should I buy without breaking the bank/ will not force me to make dramatic changes to the car itself. I am not looking to lift the car too much as well. I've looked at Bilstein 4600s/ 5100s and OME superchargers. I am not a huge off roader but would like the option of going on mild trails if I want.
Please fill me in on any ideas/ pictures you have that will help.

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Technically the 95 isnt 3rd gen.
So your post is more appropriate in the 79-95 section.

Now your post is a bit confusing in, do you want to update your suspension or just shocks?
Shocks won't do anything for ride height or load.
Up front you are a little limited with torsion bars. There are several different brands of rear coils available as well as cheaper junkyard options.
Search is your friend. ;)

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