craigslist Need Advice - Purchasing '97 LX450

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I would stay away from vehicles from that area. It will become a problem later.

Yeah, what he said, and go hit the 80s section for FAQs, to get familiar with these rigs. Lots of useful information in that post.

Good luck with your search.
Rust sucks. I would look underneath and see how bad it looks under there rust wise. The lockers and head gasket is big. Who did the head gasket? Has there been any maintenance on the front end? I think that is as big as any item. How does the front end look (seeping)?

Slee has a buyers guide. Go to their site and learn as much as you can.

Honestly, he's not gonna get that price and if the rust isn't too bad, it might be doable. But if there is visible rust underneath, avoid it.
I bought one car from the east has some rust/corrosion on the undercarriage. Hate it. Not good for anything. If the car is replaceable and you can find it elsewhere (as you can an 80), stay away...IMO.
You can get a decently modded 80 for that price. But if you do get it, I have an antennae for sale! :D
Thanks all for your help. I'll keep kickin' tires until I find the one for me.

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