Need advice on noise i hear..

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Oct 14, 2003
I just picked up an 87 60 series.

It has about 180K mile on it.

While driving it home I heard what sounded like worn out wheel bearings. Now, I don't know too much about toyotas so here are the symptoms:

That droaning sound like a jet plane that does not come from the engine. When I get it up to 2,600 rpm or so I get a shake in the passenger compartment. Only at specific RPM. In both fourth and fifth gear. Also, sometimes when starting off in 1st or reverse I get this weird shaking, it goes away very quick, but its almost like the car is going over tiny potholes. The front end even shakes a little bit. Right when you start moving?

Any ideas guys? And what order to go in, least $$ first!

Also, the front knuckle seals are shot. Do I need a press for the bearing races or can I get away with a drift.
my little civic does that shaking thing when i first start out too. i figured it was the clutch, and having a clutch is really all the civic and the 60 have in common. but maybe it's not because you get it at higher speeds too? wierd man
sounds like 2 different problems to me. The shaking on takeoff sounds like a simple clutch shutter. The RPM related vibration could also be clutch but it could be something as simple as a fan out of balance from a chipped blade. The fact that it is RPM related tells us that it is localized to engine or trans.
Wheel bearings usually drone at higher speeds when going through corners.. best way to check is get the vehicle up to speed, push in the clutch and make long sweeping turns listening for bearing noises.. a lot of times one will be worse than the other and you can Identify the problem bearing this way..

i had the shaking when i pulled out in first gear when i got mine, so i was cheacking out the under side of it and it just turned out that my back right brake was sticking becuase of the emergency brake...might not be your problem but give it a check..
Not sure how right I am, but here goes:

1. How long was your drive home? Did engine get hot? Airplane noise might be radiator fan kicking in (it's has a clutch that kicks in when hot)--lots of folks say it sounds like a plane taking off.

2. Speaking of planes, maybe the whine/shake is pilot bearing?

3. Sounds like your clutch is slipping (if you do it, of course do pilot and throwout bearings, too).

4. You have a 5-speed? 87 FJ60s came with 4-speeds. If you have a 5-speed, it might have more than 180k on it?

Kind of hard to tell what your problems are--sounds like more than one thing.
Well, I was trying to keep it secret, but I have an HJ60 from Canada. Diesel 6 cyl.

The PO had the clutch replaced about 3 years ago, but a bad clutch job could have left it like this.

He also had the bearings re-packed, but the seals are shot, and it must have been running low. The swerve right to left showed one side is making the noise, but how does it work, you swerve left and it goes away, which side is bad? I usually just do the whole knuckle and all the bearings at once. But money is not so avail right now.


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