Need advice: car wouldn't start, then it did?

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Oct 6, 2005
Northern California
Need some advice please: 2007 LC with 22,000 miles on it. just had the oil changed at toyota dealership two weeks ago. no issues with the car. yesterday, drove about 60 miles to get away for the weekend. didn't note anything funny on the way down. turned the car off, unloaded the gear, about an hour went by. went to restart and just heard click, click, click in rapid succession. wouldn't turn over, wouldn't start.

check engine light came on and A/T Oil Temp light came on. Checked oil level and its fine. Let her sleep it off and then tried this morning. She started right up.....and no warning lights anymore.

Where do I start? thanks guys. seems weird for such a new car. This is my second land cruiser. first was a 2000 that I owned for 7 years. never had anything like this happen.

you had some sort of battery drain ,as in unpacking ,doors open lights on or something and when you shut off all things or a system turned off the lights and or drain on the battery, it recovered over nite ,Thats my best guess??
With 22k on the clock that puppy is still under warranty - let Mr T take a look at it for free.

Start at the battery and look around for anything that looks out of place, like someone's screw driver mixing it up with your battery.

Did you bring any hard liquor for your trip?
thanks guys. let's answer the important question first. yes. Hendricks Gin.

I'll check the battery terminals and other stuff. thanks to all for the quick feedback.
This may sound stupid but it could be the starter contacts, I know it has low miles but hey, you never know. I've seen severel 100's that had that problem.

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