need advice about intke hose

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May 1, 2008
45°34' N 122°38' W
I have a 3B with a torn intake hose from the air cleaner to the pipe that bolts to the valve cover. The hose is .75" at one end and 2.25" at the other end. I have a silicone exhaust reducer to make the diameter switch and some pipe but I need a hose.

All I am finding locally are HVAC type hoses of thin plastic around coiled wire. I'm concerned that A) I'll have an air leak because the hoes will be hard to seal at the ends and B) the hose will melt, since it passes close above the exhaust manifold. Silicone hose doesn't work b/c the engine would vibrate the air cleaner right off the fender.

Naturally the OEM part is NLA. Suggestions?
Still hoping for a line on the right material to use for this application. I'm about a half-banana mechanic at best, which is why I am turning to the experts. Thanks for looking.
I thought there was a thread a while back about a guy making new stock hoses?
Could be, I haven't been on here much over the past year. But unless they are the 3B variant they will not fit my engine and air cleaner. Thanks for posting up.

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