Need a toyota mechanic in Las Vegas area

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Oct 2, 2007
Las Vegas
I already posted under the mud forum, but I decided to cover all my bases. I need a good (preferably inexpensive) toyota mechanic. My dad and I recently replaced the clutch and the master cylinder, but now i am leaking fluid on the interior of the vehicle where the pedal connects, and after replacing the carb the RPM's still drop dramatically when I engage the clutch or even turn the corner. The car doesn't even like to start up. I normally have to move the air filter cover and put gas directly into the carberator to get her started. Anyway, long story short, I use my cruiser for everything, and I am basically paralyzed with out her running, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Can you see if the mods will move it to the Vegas section? Sorry, but I don't know LV very well.

I moved this to the Southern Nevada Land cruiser Forum. You may have better luck here.

Seems kind like deja vu :rolleyes:
Vegas Mechanic

I would also love to find one of those good mechanics, that know what the heck they are doing. I have a Fj80-91.
My Toy has a current engine, but I feel that I want to replace it with another. That other could be my spare opened block engine, after it's rebuild - by someone competent - or if someone can place another type of engine, I'd like to look at the option of a Chevy sub, or LX 400.

Can you do this, can you get it all done. well call directly 702 492 1446.
I would suggest Victor over at findlay toyota he has 20+ years toyota experience works out of his garage at home. He can be found in the service department. If he can not do it he should have contacts that can.
BTB is perhaps great, but expensive. Dealer, is out of the question.
To reply to your kind of FJ - I have an FJ80 1991 3EFI. Just had more problems with header or head, so I really need someone quick.
A person/shop with best of intention and knows this stuff, but yeah BTB might be a great option, I'm just watching budgets, and now can't drive out of town. Call directly. .left number up on thread.. call ..

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