Need a shop for FJ40 in Fort Worth area

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Jul 30, 2011
Fort Worth, TX
We have the restoration complete down to some odds and ends and I've had enough - it's ready to finish it and get driving.

Brakes aren't quite right yet - and the rest really is small stuff.

Does anyone know a shop in the Fort Worth area you can recommend for some 40 work? Looking for someone I can trust mechanically and the 40 community seems to have some really honest people.

Appreciate it.
I have used Nykaza's on W Camp Bowie. They have done a lot of Cruiser work in the past. My friends's dad has had two 2F's installed there and I have had work done to my FJ40.
What do you need to have done? I had some wiring issues resolved, the rear main seal replaced, new radiator/thermo installed, and the e-brake fixed.
Biggest issue is getting the brakes and booster adjusted right. Entire brake system is new except booster. I start off with low pressure and have to pump the brakes and after about 10 miles the peddle is solid an I start burning up the brakes. It's like riding with the brakes engaged.

Otherwise I'll have them check our work and fix a few leaks. Speedo not working - probably wrong cable.

Small stuff.
I found Nykaza on 377 between 20 and 30. That's good for me since I'm in Aledo.


Any others out there?
That is the only local one i know of or have used. I have dealt with "Marine" Dan at Nykazas...great guy.
Tim, if your 71 a full resto? Did you have to rebuild/replace the engine?
Complete frame off. It already had a 79 2F in it so we sent it to machine shop and completely rebuilt everything.
I am in a position where i would like to probably replace my old 1F with a 2F. Was the shop local and knew how to do a swap properly?
Machine shop was in Houston. My dad did the pull and the reinstall.

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