Need a Piston for 1f/engine swap/conversion questions

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Apr 1, 2009
Lyncburg Virginia
I was looking for a new piston for a 1F and no one sells just one piston. You have to buy the set and set of rings so I would be spending about $300 bucks plus another hundred for gaskets to fix this motor. Should I just look for a 2f? Or is this a good excuse for go for a motor swap? Has anyone totaled how much it cost them for a sbc motor swap including everything they had to put into the swap? Thanks in advance.:bang:

Shoot if I still had my 1F I'd of pulled one for you. I'd post up and ask prolly get a freebie if you are looking to keep the 1F going for a while

but if you are looking for a reason to do a 2F I think the money is better spent there than on the piston and gaskets---another 200 or so will get you a good running motor and sell off the 1F accessories and even make some back

heres a link to the FAQs with some 350 specifics

Also Jim Downey will mail you a 350 SBC V8 install guide if you PM him ---very helpful I would think
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I have a piston and a new set of stnd rings. How does 40$ for the rings and i will throw in the piston. Sorry you pay for shipping.
I ordered one brand new piston for a 'good' customer without being prepaid;

It is still sitting on the shelf, 10 years later.:rolleyes:

If you'll call me at the shop, I'll have a look-see what size it is.;)

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