Need a number Count for Brit’s going away party!

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Sep 16, 2008
The gathering will be Wednesday at 6. We need a number count to determine where to have the gathering. Please post up if you can make it, family and kids welcome, and we’ll pick and post the location.

Looking forward to saying goodbye to this guy! Well, at least looking forward to getting together as a group with him one last time.

2 for us.
Count me in as one. Peter Piper
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Sorry, not really cool expecting people to commit without any idea of location. We are either going to the Peter Piper Pizza at Baseline and McClintock (if there are a lot of people) or Lucky Lue’s Pub at Ray and the 101 (if there are only a 10-15).
Family friendly and Brit gets his kids to bed early.:p
Family friendly and Brit gets his kids to bed early.:p

Plus, we are planning to work him pretty good the next day.:hillbilly:
count me in
Do tell:clap:
Count me in for one
Marlin gears.

Bummer... if I dod not have to work I would come help and see if we can break the last 2 time records!! :cool:

I will not be able to make it Wednesday but may stop by Thursday and tell Brittan good-bye :cheers:
Sam and I can make Peter piper's @ 6:00. Luke's pub is out as an alternative as I will have Sammy.
That makes 20! I've called and booked a table at the Peter Piper Pizza at McClintock and Baseline.
(1805 E Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283).

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