Need a little wiring help

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Apr 5, 2019
Deerfield, MA
Hi all,

I'm almost done with the wiring for my 1kz-te swap (into a 01 Tacoma) and something is funky with the ECT speed sensor wire. The diagram says that the two wires from the ECT speed sensor should just go right to the ECU, but one of mine stops at a connector and I don't know where it should go. The diagram I have is for the 90 series Landcruisers but the engine is out of a Hiace so the colors are all off but most of the connections have been the same. I thought about just deleting the ECT but I think this speed sensor is involved even in normal shift patterns right? Any advice on what I should do?

I would check real same model cars if possible and get the correct schematic for what you have.

1kz-te (engine Hiace) swap into 01 Tacoma

So find the ? hiace and 01 tacoma files?

And find the partnumber and look online for the ECT speed sensor , maybe a wrecker has a decent picture with the colors, maybe original ecu and sensor have the same color?

Some sensors are strange, a friend has a vw and that showed a fault code brake pedal sensor and it had two sensors at the brake pedal; one for brake light (was ok) and one for the transmission. We focused at the brake lights o_O

Cutting a wire for gsx-r1000 2014 x-tre ecu: (off topic but just a good luck wish)

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