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Feb 27, 2006
portland oregon
Hey everybody!

I'm trying to tighten up my sloppy steering a little and am having a little trouble with the screw/nut on top of the steering box. Here's the problem: Am I supposed to be turning the screw with a screwdriver? or am I supposed to turn the 17mm nut on the box? I turned pretty hard on both of them and didn't get any movement out of either and before I force it and break something I thought I'd ask.:cheers:

p.s. I cleaned all of the gunk off of it and sprayed it down with some WD40 yesterday, so hopefully when I get to it, it will want to move. Thanks.
Loosen the 17mm, then turn the slot. Tighten the nut back up with the screwdriver in the slot in order to maintain the same position, much as you would when adj your valves.

But be careful, do not tighten the screw very much or you can/will easily damage the worm gear/shaft. If your steering wheel doesn't easily return to center after a turn in town, you have it too tight & should back off a bit.

I didn't catch what vehicle this is for, but my help is for a fj40 manual steering.

Good luck John
Last edited: I see you have a 62...Hello.. Pretty sure the loosening info will be the same but have no idea about the precautions I advised about overtightening.

John's procedure is OK for the 60 series. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten up (reduce) the steering freeplay. The freeplay as measured at the steering wheel should be less then 40mm. If the steering binds when you turn the tires from stop to stop, then the adjustment is too tight.

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