Need a little help identifying my axle parts...

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Oct 18, 2005
Camp Verde, AZ
Hey everyone. I recently picked up a set of FJ40 axles but unfortunately the previous owner couldn't tell me much about them. I'm not sure of the year (except they're '76 or newer - 30 spline), or part numbers of the some of the added items such as hubs, disc brakes, etc. This weekend I started tearing down and rebuilding the rear axle, and can't identify a few parts I'd like to service. There's Warn hubs on the rear axle and disc brakes, but I can't identify what kind of Warn hubs these are (they don't look anything like any Warn hub I've seen for a Land Cruiser). I'd like to service the hubs, and get new pads for the disc brakes, but am not sure how to get the right parts. I think the rotors may need to be replaced too (if I run my finger across the rotor surface, there's a big dip where the pads contact it) but am not sure what rotors to get...the ones on there look to have been modified from some other application. I'll post pictures to help visualize all this. Any help is welcome.
And the pictures...anyone seen this hub before? Any suggestions how to identify where the calipers came from, so I can get the proper pads and rotors?
RH side hub and rotor.jpg
RH caliper and rotor.jpg
RH hub side view.jpg
Locking hubs in the rear? That's weird.

Someone must have adapted front spindles and parts in order to do the disc conversion.

I guess it works. Probably an eyecatcher and a conversation starter.:confused:

(What'll they think of next??)
The end of the housing looks like a Cruiser housing, so maybe it is a FF rear? I think I saw where someone was making brackets to do a RDB conversion for FF axles.

That sir is very, very custom. The hub and hub housing remind me of stuff from an early '80's Chevy Blazer, so I would venture a guess that you're looking at some Dana or Corporate parts. The calipers look like the ones on my '76 K5 as well.

If you pull the locking part of the hub off and find that you have round spindle locknuts with 4 slots in them [instead of a hex nut] that would pretty much confirm that they are Dana ends welded on.

Good luck

I have never seen this type of setup before, but my uncle told me many years ago about somebody he knew that did something like this to his heep. The heep had a full floater rear axle that he put hubs on so that he could tow-bar it for hunting, etc. With unlocked hubs the rig can be towed w/o any drivetrain movement.
Yeah sorry, forgot to mention, it is a full floater rear.

Regarding pulling the locking part of the hub off, this is what I see once I pull the locking part off, remove the gear and spring, and remove the axle after pulling the c-clip off:
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Mark , you suprise me being versed in non cruiser parts , well done.
Those , IMO , are blazer parts but heres the prob , the blazer used 44 and the stub woulda had a different spline than a FF cruiser rear so what axles are in there ?
I thought that warn offered a lockout kit for the FF toyota rearend at one time. I haven't ever seen one personally though.
The diameter of that locikng hub looks like a one ton Chevy. The half ton stuff is a lot amaller.
I liked the idea of being able to disengage the drivetrain completely when I tow it behind my RV.

A picture of the axle stub, and a picture of the detroit locker that came with it too. I guess the picture of the axle stub is not too imformative but what the hell, here it is.
RH axle stub.jpg
Rear diff.jpg
Oh man...this just keeps getting better and better. Small O-ring around the hub part and a whole lot of red stuff. The axle mating surface has been cut and it's pretty uneven.
ridgerunner said:
I'd also say WARN kit. Their kit requred that the axle housing ends be cut off and new flanges welded to the housing.

They're definitely Warn hubs (it says so right on the cover). The OD is 4.135", according to my calipers. Does anyone know where I can get further information on this kit, so I can at least see if it was properly done? I'll probably contact Warn on Monday...

So it looks like the consensus so far is that this is not a custom job, but is a Warn FF rear locking hub kit?
Ok, called Warn about this. They indeed made a kit for full floater land cruiser axles (haven't sold one in like 5 yrs). Anyway, I got a comprehensive set of installation instructions, and it looks as if the conversion was done correctly other than the uneven cutting of the axle and an extra shim. There should not be a need for all of the red goop to seal it out.

From what I see on my axle and the installation instructions, this conversion will make the axle stronger than stock, not weaker.

Parts are available, but the complete kit is not.

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