Need a heater for my 73 fj40

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May 16, 2010
Isle of Long, NY
I bought a fj40 without a heater, there are no heating hoses to the cab. what are my choices?
Buy a stock heater from here (classifieds) or from a vendor such as SOR. Then go to your favorite auto parts store and buy up some heater hose. Cut it to length and install it. If you don't buy a rear heater, you won't have to worry about the "y" fittings at the firewall. You could also install an inline ball valve to shut off the hot water to the heater during the summer. It helps.

Good luck! :cheers:
buy pretty hoses like these
So I was able to get a heater out of an early 80's 40, the problem is there is no blower. I think the early heaters had the blower in the cab? is there anyway to hook up a blower in the cab instead of cutting a hole in the firewall?

I'll try to post pics tomorrow.
If yours is one of the 'tropical' cruisers that didn't come with a heater, you've got a couple of options. In my first 40, I bought a 12v fan from an electronics store that was small enough to fit in the inlet of the heater and called it good. One of my customers decided to do the all-in-one approach by mounting a rear heater to his firewall [ I consider myself fortunate to have never actually SEEN this, as I think it's a little beyond ghetto fab]

And of course you could always consider grafting in a section of a firewall from a truck that came with a heater {I had to do this on my lwb45 because of a PO hack job:mad:]


Mark A.

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