Need a heat and cool window AC unit....made in the US please..

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Aug 13, 2007
My good old trusty made in the US (10 years ago) Kennmore 8,000 BTU heat and cool window unit went out. We use it in the "bonus room, sometimes extra bedroom, etc" It used to be my garage :crybaby:

Anyway, I have tried a few new units, but they are all made in China and do not cool worth a :censor:.

Does anyone know of a decent made ( US or Japan ) AC/heat window unit anymore ?? I need to cool/heat about 400 sq. ft.

I was going to get a Friedrich (sp) unit from Grainger, but my AC man said he has had nothing but grief from Friedrich... Very poor customer service...etc.
He said you are on your own for parts.
He has had over a dozen such issues with Friedrich and said not to buy one of those under any circunstances.

Anyone have similar experience with Friedrich ?

I would buy an LG window unit with heat, but they do not make a big enough unit for our needs.

SHARP ?? Made in Koera ????

I am trying to avoid a mini-split unit due to the cost, even though they have a better rating and some qualify for tax credits.

Thanks in advance....

Temporary fix

Well I got an LG (made in Korea) 18,000 BTU AC only window unit at a reasonable price it will keep us cool out there for most of the year. (It actually blows cold !!!!!)
I will have time to find what we feally need out there with what is available nowdays.........we have 2 seasons here in East Central Georgia....Hot and cold. The hot season is longer, so we are set until oct/nov.

Now back to the 80 PM issues I was doing before this PITA AC problem started.
I dont care what you buy the chances you getting standardized parts are 99% chinese.

make one.............its retarded crazy easy

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