Need a auto shipper I can depend on

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Jun 27, 2002
I have purchased a Fj45 that needs to be shipped from Auburn, California to Jasper, Alabama and after reading MANY horror stories I need to find a reliable shipper that can expedite my new truck!!!

Anyone that can help, please step up! if you know of a shipper to avoid at all cost PLEASE TELL ME!!!

Thanks :D
If you have the time and a decent tow rig, could be done in aweek. cost you less than $800.
I need to know a decent auto shipper as well.
Got a friend that needs to ship a '53 Bentley from Iowa to Atlanta.
(Can you imagine two 17 yr old high schoolers drivin that to school! :D)
Call Jerry at 541-441-1898. I just had a FJ45LV Wagon shipped from Oregon to Pensacola 2 months ago, ran me around $1000 and he was right on time and very legit. Vehicle arrived as described by the seller and in good condition through shipping. Tell him you got his number from Tom in Pensacola (with the Toyota) because I think he takes most jobs through a corporate office. Good guy.

Tom IV
Thanks Tom, I just talked to Jerry.......................BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA :p

KIDDING! helluva nice guy and probably who I will use considering no one else has even called me back yet :mad: $1000 from Cali to Alabama.
I have used Dependable Auto Shippers twice. Both times the vehicle arrived when they said it would. The second time they bought a front tire for my 1980 FJ for thirty bucks. I was pissed.

I guess the one on my truck wouldn't hold air. Anyway, like I said I was pissed but only in the sense that they didn't buy me a whole set for $30 apiece.

The rides they brought me were a BMW 740IL and a 1980 FJ40. Good company, I'd recommend them. They shipped from New Hampsire to SW Fla for around 700.

Doug M.
You can also try I.C.S. Auto Transport Division

Call at 1-800-488-6211 or email at

No first hand experience with them but I've heard they have some reasonable prices... and are fairly timely and responsive.

Steve, I am in Naples.
For other that are interesed in shipping trucks cross country I will try to keep this thread updated.

Jerry's company is called Artic Fox Transport and for transporting my Fj45 2,350 miles the charge will be $1,000. I was interesed in a smaller or independant shipper and that's what he is. His wife answers the phones and does dispatch and he drives the truck. The price is about $150 higher than national shippers but I have more confidence knowing that when I call, the man hauling my truck answers the phone.

Other shippers I contacted either didn't call me back or wanted special provisions (loading dock or major cities) Jerry returned my call and gave me a quote within 30 minutes.
well update

Jerry called me today And has basically subbed me out to a shipper buddy of his. I suppose this is pretty common in the business and it really doesn't matter to me. He faxed me all the info on the new shipper (3 car hauler) and gave me a cell phone contact to a fellow name Adrian.

The change will actually get my truck here by Tuesday (about a week sooner) and Jerry knocked $100 off the price for me so I'm not complaining.
I used
They do door-to-door only. They had the fastest estimate from Oregon to Maine
and the cheapest price. One good thing was that the price I was quoted was the price I paid and the driver didn't try to get more. It arrived on time and was not damaged or anything. Another thing I liked about them was that they don't move your rig around on the way. It stays on the same exact truck for the duration and you are given the driver's cell phone number which was helpful as he got closer. I think they subbed it out to a company called Monty's Auto Shipping. It was 3000+ miles and took 11 days at $1,145. I looked into other companies but their estimates seemed to raise when they found out the sized of the FJ40. The next closest estimate was up to 2 weeks Terminal to terminal for $1800+.
Anyways, good luck!
It is common for shippers to contact other shippers to get you your rig sooner. Honestly, it was probably out of the way for the load Jerry's carrying and he passed it off to someone in his network.

Bottom line, arrival time and price. Trust me, that's all you'll end up being concerned with.
I'm not upset or concerned, just updating the thread ;)

hell he could have kept the price the same instead of giving me a break for the changeup. Jerry was tied up with one of his personel cars in Idaho (I believe) and it looks like he saved me time and money with the change. Its still a mom and pop shipper and it will come directly here without changing trucks so I'm happy.

Tuesday or Wednesday I will be driving my "new" FJ45 :cheers:
it's a truck 8) anotha update.....

Adrian (the sub shipper) just called me at work and said he will be delivering the truck to my house this evening :D he was in Arkansas and already had directions to my house (Mapquest???)

I have Laryngitis today so he's probably wondering who the "Frogman" form Alabama is :-X

here's a teaser...
My truck arrived 9 p.m. last night 8) the shipper got lost so I had to retrieve him from a not so friendly part of town...and then the fun began :eek:

long story short, there's a 24' Taco truck that had to be off loaded before my truck could come off the carrier and it wouldn't start. Then my truck wouldn't start and had to be strapped and pulled down with my FJ40. Me and the shipper worked up a good sweat and wrenched on vehicles for about 2-1/2 hours before my truck was in the garage and everything was back in place so he could leave. I was happy to help him but DAYUM!!!

anyway, my Fj45 is a whole 'nother story. The body and bed are in great shape but there's a few items the previous owner neglected to mention. I'll make a new Fj45 thread when I get some good daylight pics. I have the shippers card at home and I'll post it here too.

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