Need 90 degree fitting for 5/73 "F" remote oil line

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Nov 2, 2009
Western Wa
Have recently installed 3fe exhaust manifolds onto my stock F engine.

I need to reroute one of the remote oil filter lines away from the rear manifold.

I did some searching and found this thread.
Wanted - WTB: Stainless oil hose or adaptor compatible with header for '68 F engine -

I purchased the same fitting thinking it was what I needed, and it does not fit.

Anyone have a good p/n or source for a suitable 90 degree fitting?

IN the attached pic I have the offending line bent to clear, but would much rather have the correct fitting to redirect it.

Oil line.jpg

Does the fitting that threads into the block have a tapered thread? If so, it's likely a BSPT (British Standard PIpe Tapered) thread. You could likely find a street elbow with the appropriate sized threads (probably 1/4")

75fj40toy I sent you a pm. Thx

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