Need 80 series front bumper end cap

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Sep 5, 2003
Iowa Park. TX
I'm looking for a passenger side end cap. Has anyone upgraded bumpers and have the old parts lying around? Thanks

We could steal parts off Old's truck...
It's already at the body shop
Did you check with Joe? I can pick it up from him if he has one.
This is the first reply I have made on this site..I have both caps lying in carport..I live in KY, you can have them both for cost of shipping, hopefully creating some good mud karma.
I might have them. Will check later today. Otw back from Moab. Cheers!

If you do have them I can help get them to Fireman since you live out by me.
Thanks for all the help guys! @Pickledbooger thank you for the offer and the good Karma. That's how it works! @SeaDrifter thanks! Jeff should be in touch.

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