Wanted Need 72' FJ40 rear bar doors, driver and Passenger doors, an a spare tire carrier(passenger side) I am in So Cal

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I have passenger side spare tire carrier complete with hinges, and barn doors, but I’m in Texas so shipping won’t be cheap


I'd thought it best to post here so that it moves your ad to the top. I went out to clean up the carrier and the doors. Both have issues. The doors have rust through on the bottom. I can throw in a 3rd door to cut out patches, but they will need some work. Not sure if yours is a resto or patina.....

The carrier has a "dent" in it, almost looks like he backed into something with the carrier open, it has a warp to it....I have some more carriers (they were supposed to be sold in a lot, but it's been 8 months and I'm sick of waiting on the guy) so I'll go grab then to get pics. It's just going to be a week or so before I go to that unit.

Sorry to get your hopes up, I thought all of it was in better shape. If you still think you might want it, just continue that PM thread we started.
Again, Sorry




I just found a pair of front doors I’d forgotten I had. In Burbank CA.
Sorry, I don’t DM. Thanks for the voicemail. I went up the ladder and got a closer look. Although both are red, and came to me at the same time, they are different vintage. Driver’s door appears to be 1966; passenger 1974. Both doors are rust free, and possibly original paint. Drivers has a dent in the lower rear corner.
All glass, both regulators and lock mechanisms included. $1400 plus CA sales tax.
I will take them, Mark. Thank you! I will call you on Monday (2/14) to pick them up.
Thanks for your patience. I am changing my signature line yet again, as I’m finding that even March isn’t going to be soon enough to get thru my workload.
Mark, do you have any hardtop reinforcements? I can pick one up from you while getting the pair of red doors next week?
The rear hatch one?
Not sure if you found rear doors yet , but I have these from a 1969. Pretty good shape. The left door has a hole in the upper left corner, kind of looks like someone backed into a sharp object. I’m in Seattle area, I’d sell with hinges.





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