need 4x4 labs and ramassist pics please

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Jun 22, 2004
sittin on the couch in UT
if you are running 4x4labs histeer and you have ram assist i would love some pics, im in the process and need some ideas where to run the opposite end (of the tie rod) of the ram to?

any help would be great and pics more than anything
Howdy! I just installed Luke's hi steer on my Piggy, but I am not running a ram assist. I am going to be adding a steering stabilizer, and it will require me to fab up a mount on the axle tube. I had already done one for the stock/crossover setup I had originally. Just set everything at center on your tires and steering wheel, center up the ram cylinder (stabilizer for me) and weld on a nice heavy duty bracket. Dont' spare the rod since that will get a lot of stress on it. John
I will have a set up on my 40 coming soon need to work some things out first but will post up when it is finished.

"Woody has a set up on the home page"
let me clarihy a little, somone that is running soa and has done this, i know how but the rods are further out from the axle and was wnodering how people have done it, i read woodys stuff and may end up welding to the 3rd member but not sure if i can,

what does it take to weld on the 3rd?
You need to preheat the cast be for you weld to it and let cool down slow.

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