Wanted Need 4 16 wheels to fit my 97 LX

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Jun 7, 2009
United States
Need 4 16" wheels to fit my 97 LX

I have 4 OEM wheels now with 285 75 R16 mounted. I have 4 more tires (285 75 R16) that I want mounted. I need 1 for my spare on the LX and 3 are going on my Mule. I want all 8 tires/wheels to be interchangable in a pinch (size, etc). My spare is going on the back of the LX eventually, but I'm not overly concerned with cosmetics as long as they are OEM size for 80 series. Live in WI and really prefer not to ship.
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I have travels planned to/from Kansas and Michigan if anyone in between has some 16" wheels they are willing to part with for my Lexy's spare shoes.
Got (4) 450s in Boston. Search my name for pictures. If you ever come this way, it's here.
No plans for Boston on the horizon. I will be seeing some relatives in July that may be traveling in that area. Your wheels would fit the bill pretty nicely.
My parents are actually going to Wisconsin this weekend. It'd be mean to ask them to carry this stuff onto a plane.
You could always ask... :meh:

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