Nedd a hood replacement for an FJ40

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Jan 23, 2003
San Jose, CA
Hey, I need to replace my bent, dented, bondo'd, and cracked hood and was wondering if anyone has suggestions on where to get a replacement? I'd like a new one but don't know if those are available. Steel or Aluminum would be ok but I don't want fiberglass.

Thanks, Scott
how much do you want for the split hood and does it have the chrome strip
You can still get new fj40 hoods from Toyota '69 to '82 hoods I think are the same. Retail is $600 but most Toyota parts department managers will give you a break. There is usually no shipping charge either. Body shops get about 30% off so anything between 15 & 25% off is pretty good. That's alot of money but if you consider all the time and effort and money in fixing a damaged one, well the decision is the size of your wallet.

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