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Dec 16, 2005
Houston, TX
I tried to do search on necessary tools, but came up empty. I thought it might be nice to hear what everyone has in their tool bag when they leave on a trip. I need to get some tools, but want to make sure I get the most for my money. I don't need to know EVERY tool you have, just the necessary hand tools for the beginner. Thanks
Good thread here (no, really) in Outfitting. Some tend to carry a slew of spares and tools, I tend toward the basics, wrenches, pliers, spare tune-up parts, fuel filters, some wire, voltmeter, vacuum guage, radiator and tire repair kits, to cover "most" basic repairs. Most of it fits in a flat Rubbermaid container. If you travel with others, you can share parts/tools. Also depends on whether you wheel hard or not. Somewhere I saved an Article out of an old 4-wheeler mag that seemed to have a good spareparts/tools list. I'll see if I still have it...
surfpig said:
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Helps if you make a 'first-strike' append, then edit afterwards! :grinpimp:

This is some good info. I thought I was good at searching threads, but I guess I was wrong. I am not doing too many big wheelin' trips, so I don't think that many tools will be necessary. I will have to decide what to load up. I guess in the end, make sure you have enough if your alone, and share when with others. Thanks again

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