NEA mtg May 2011

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Jan 2, 2005
Cape Cod
There were not enough delegates present to vote on anything, but here is a run down on upcoming events and "some" of the planned trail maintenance coming up this season....

May 14th 4th annual all things Jeep "Go Topless Day" Doesn't really include much for Toyota stuff, (I found it funny they had what looks like an 80's Toyota pickup in the ad for it on the NEA much for all things Jeep...maybe it got stuck just before the pic?) Link if you are interested: • View topic - All Things Jeep's 4th Annual Go Topless Day

May 15th Maintenance day at Gretchen's in order to open fully for the weekend of the 20th. (Our Spring Meeting and NETC's event) I know it short notice, but they are looking for people to help do some trail work otherwise you may not find as much open as we normally might. Link:

May 20th Carnage is scheduled to be open. No runs there until after this date.

June 1st Moose Mountain should be open.

June 4th Work day at Swansey. This will involve trail cuts and maintenance on existing trails. One goal is to move an existing bridge off one part of a rarely used trail to an area heavily traveled. More hands, more gets done! Watch the NEA site for more info and contacts.

June 11th Spring Poker Run! Deering Fish & Game
$20.00 gets you a card. Vehicles for this run must be registered as there is some pavement involved in this event. This is a fund raising event for the NEA. Watch their site for more info and registration.

July 23/24 DWE Truck show and Rock Crawl

Sept 9, 10, & 11 Fall Crawl at Gretchen's
Registration will be open at 8pm on June 1st and all trails are first come first serve. They will be using paypal and you can register on-line this year for the first time. They have asked for patience as this is the first time they have used this format to schedule this event. You can register the old fashion way as well. Please watch their site for more info.

I'm sure they will have more dates set for trail maintenance through out the season. I will post them as I see them or if other know please post them up!!

For other business:

-Gretchen's Lease options have been shelved until after the 3rd quarter of this year so they can get a more accurate view of usage throughout the season.

-They are talking about adding more camp sites at Gretchen's behind the last electric site. This all depends on help to make it happen.

-There was talk of OHV stickers being required by both MA and NH for unregistered vehicles. This is not being made mandatory by the NEA at present but is suggested to stay legal in spots that trailier parking is away from the actual trail. (Swansey was brought up as one of these places) Just know that there is some risk. For MA changes, please check the RMV site.

-Shane Beard Award....if anyone has any nominations for this please contact Jay on the NEA site. If you are unsure what this is, please see the site for the information.

-Reminder to check the NEA site for openings and closures of trails if you plan any wheeling. We were heavily reminded that people are always watching!
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I'll try to make it as well.
Sounds great. Would be nice to have yt have a good turnout for a nea trail cut.
Nice turn out for our club at Gretchen's for some trail Maint. and a trail cut. Thanks to our efforts the NEA will keep all trails open for next weekend's event.




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