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Aug 16, 2019
I am selling this Ford F150 intermittent wiper switch and module, modified to work with the FJ40 wiper motor. Turning to the left is adjustable delay, turning right is lo and hi speed. Push is for the washer. I ran this in my 73 FJ40 for a couple years before I started using the Toyota wiper switch with the Datsun module. The switch has been threaded to accept the FJ40 Wipe/Wash knob. I'm not familiar with all the different years of connectors so you may have to swap around the wires in the connector for your particular year. The schematic is below. It does require running one wire from the wiper fuse to the plug. I just ran the +12V to an empty slot on the wiper connector, opposite the L/R wire. $80 shipped.


small fig 3 alt.jpg
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