For Sale NC: 1997 FZJ80 Factory Locked- $5000

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United States
1997 FZJ80 For sale $5000
Ok so its time to sell my 80 due to new baby. Selling this and my truck (2002 z71 silverado) to get down to one vehicle.
Located in greensboro NC.

Mud Price- $5,000


1997 not Collector Edition
All black - no chrome hardware
Factory Locked Front and Rear- has always engaged quickly
Added Center Diff Switch
189,000 miles
Stock otherwise.

Things Ive done since I bought it in Dec. 2009
Front axle rebuild with new rotors and pads, marlin crawler seals
New denso wires, plugs, cap, rotor, factory air filter, factory oil filter
Replaced valve cover gasket and spark plug seals.
new factory belts.
Replaced antenna mast
New Distributor gasket
New oil cap (dont ask)
ALL new 555 tie rod ends (needs alignment)
pioneer speakers (still sound crappy lol)
fan clutch rebuild
new cap and gear in both front seats
New Battery- Jan. 2012

Things I know it needs
-hasnt been aligned since tie rods were replace.
-needs new ac clutch possibly new compressor. I was going to replace the enitre compressor and dryer with one from
-rear windshield washer diverter valve
-Oil pump cover leaking

Ive enjoyed this truck but just dont have time right now for club activities etc. Rarely drive it now. Never got a chance to build it up.Still have a frankies lift that will be for sale seperattly if anyone is intersted in it (will make a package price too). This is a solid truck, Ive driven to OBX, WV, and the beach several times. It has some scratches, some paint coming off the hood and the typical leather issues, tear on driver seat etc. There is a stain on the passenger carpet, but i have a pristine front carpet to replace it. I also have a set of good used bilstien shocks that I will throw in if someone doesnt want to lift it

Email me directly at jbarnes12 at aol dot com. I dont get on the board much anymore.
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This is a solid truck anybody interested must sell
Ive started daily driving it since I sold my truck. Drives and runs great but gotta sell to get something to tow my boat

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