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Sep 15, 2016
I am typing on an iPad so please forgive my inevitable errors. I also just drove 1500 miles in two days so I am not thinking very sharply.

I have a data plan iPad Pro.

So last week we were in central Idaho searching for a ghost town. I was mainly using google maps for standard navigation but I had google earth and Gaia available as well. Obviously when cell signals are lost the googles won’t update if you try to change your destination.

My issue was Gaia would not update either. It would show where we were but I couldn’t find how much further it was to drive. I’ll admit to being inexperienced on using offline gps, but it seems like it should be easier.

Even now if I go to google maps and want the distance between two points that I need to mark I can’t figure out how. Will it only allow one mark? If I try to create another it just deletes the first.

Some of the ghost towns are described as being between this creek and that creek on forest service road 1234 about 60 miles sw of Anytown USA. Not exactly easy to find when there needs to be a change of path after cell service is lost.

In the attached photo, how can I find the distance between these two points after I need to reroute and after cell service is lost? The first is the ghost town bottom left as a marked point, the second is the airport in the top right just to the left of “3D”. Even now on WiFi I can’t find the answer.

With GAIA you have to save the map of the area you want to operate on while you have wifi, if you are planning to be off-service. Takes some storage space but work well in the bush. Another option is Avenza pdf maps, they typically use less storage space but you still need to pre-download the maps while you have signal, and have limited detail. I have both on my ipad.
Another option with google maps is to save the area offline as well. I have the entire state saved for offline use and doesn't take up much space.
I’m an idiot on this stuff, thanks for the answers, heading to YouTube.

Is there an app that can route two waypoints that are manually placed?

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