National Public Lands Day September 26, 2020

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I'll be there. I'm working on a wardrobe of only public lands day t-shirts. Our routine is to hit Norris hot springs afterwards. Chris McGrath? And Brand? have been the contacts in the past.
I would love to come do this but I already booked Garnet Mtn Fire Lookout for that night so I can enjoy those lands in style.

I just received this from the BLM:

Hi Aaron,

The BLM has decided not to hold the annual clean up this year due to COVID. We will likely be hosting the event again next year on National Public Lands Day. This year we figured the risks out weigh the rewards for all of our group events. We appreciate your interest in the clean up day and all the support you guys have provided us over the years on it.

Thank you and stay safe,

Chris McGrath
Outdoor Recreation Planner
BLM-Dillon FO, Ennis Duty Station
Cell- 406-490-9044
Office- 406-682-4082

So no official event this year. But they can't stop us from just showing up with garbage bags and shovels as a loosely affiliated group of friends
kind of disappointing in all you guys that i know own pick ups.
I'm in....
gonna have to cancel this one. cant find a pickup to haul trash and only minimal interest. sad daze

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