Napa vs. Oem brake booster

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Sep 16, 2008
I'm looking at the NAPA for around $320 and the OEM for $450. I know some of you have had good luck with the NAPA brake booster, but the price difference was $260 verses $420. Now that it's catching up in price, would you still go with NAPA over OEM?
The NAPA one is remanufactured by A1 Cardone. You can get it the cheapest at Just installed one and it works great.
I'm a big fan of OEM parts for these trucks, especially with the MUD discount.

When it comes to my brakes I would only go with OEM. They fit right the first time and last over the long term. And quality/fit and finish is tops.

Was the 450 the Mud price through C-Dan???
Yep! $420-$450. The copper state cruisers have recently set up a deal with Camelback Toyota to get similar deals as CDan. Not the knowledge of CDan, just the price! Also, we get same day or next day delivery.
Old thread, but seemed appropriate for my question. I removed my master cylinder a few weeks ago and saw this writing on my brake booster:

Bendix License

It also has a red/silver label on top with numbers on it (visible in this photo)

Is this OEM or aftermarket?


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