mystified heater in 60 series

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alberta mac

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May 21, 2009
Paradise Calgary Alberta Canada
For some reason my heater doesn't kick enough heat ? Winter and just not enough heat in the cruiser.
Roller is pulled down in front of rad. also.
My other 40 series I have to roll the window down 2'' when the heat is on full !

Any ideas what I can do.
Do you still have your rear heater? Is it hotter than your front one? If so, there may be a blockage in your front heater core. It may need to be flushed or replaced.
are the hoses going to and from the firewall hot?
engine temp?
is it an air flow issue? blower?
last would be the fins on the core are plugged, leaves, debris, etc.
As FordPerfect suggested, consider replacing thermostat. Did mine recently as the heater was only warm. Now blowing hot as you please. When changing the thermostat, I realized the PO, or their mechanic, did not place the rubber gasket on top. Was talking with my brother and one of his cruisers was missing the gasket as well. Seems to be more common than you would think based on what I have read here on MUD. With no gasket, thermostat will not operate properly. So maybe my thermostat was OK but was just missing the gasket? Still, thought it best to replace the thermostat and gasket while I had the housing open.
Do you have all speeds on your blower fan ? If not, check blower resistor. If parked under trees, pull the windshield linkage cover plates, and see if the air intakes are plugged with leaves and debris. Drop blower motor, and clean out the fan cage, you may be able to see the fins inside, and be able to tell if they need cleaning. Thats a bear....

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