Mystery screws on 78 FJ40

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Jul 20, 2006
Redwood City, CA
Anyone know what these small screws (+) are for and if they're stock original? There are 2 sets of 2 right next to the wheel cover top seam inside the rear driver's side - there are none on the passenger side by the jack handles. Also a set of 2 down under the driver (close to toolkit area) in front of the wheel cover. At first I thought they were put in by the PO but there are small nuts welded underneath that look factory?

Also have two 12 mm bolts (on the same wheel cover) back by the spare tire bracket (inside) that don't seemed to be used for anything?
on mine they are for the crank handle,the crank handle lays there and the ones on the floor near seat hold the end you hold when you crank,if that makes sense
the two unused 12mm head ones are for the oem soft top rear bow bottom bracket.

I dont know what those others are for.


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