Mystery Leak - Passenger Side Under Heater Core?

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Dec 7, 2013
Changing my coolant.

Got the LC up on drive-up ramps.

  • Noticed what I suspect "could" be a coolant or other fluid leak on my passenger side
  • Wet greasy coating mix did not smell sweet but a little slippery
  • The blue arrow areas should be dry with road grime only
LC Passenger undercarriage - under heater core LEAK highlighted.jpg

Drained almost 4 gallons of coolant/antifreeze from the engine block and radiator - so not thinking coolant.

This is supposed to be what that area looks like dry:

Land Cruiser 100 - Leak Oil Coolant Water B.png

Right now, she doesn't have any coolant on board.

Your thoughts?
Steering rack or hoses from PS reservoir
Thanks guys - I'll check those.

@clrussell. The axle boot looks to be in good shape but which end is the seal on?

@JunkCrzr89 - the power steering reservoir hose going down and forward towards the fan assembly does have some wet grime on it.

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