Mystery gas leak

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Nov 14, 2005
Winter Haven, Fl
While offroading over the holiday weekend I noticed the smell of gas in the cab, I stopped the truck and proceeded to look underneath and was disturbed to see a steady stream of gasoline dripping down the drivers side of the engine. I told my buddy to turn off the engine, when he did the flow stopped. I popped the hood and tried to locate the source, as far as i could tell it was coming from near the arm of the intake manifold nearest the firewall but i could not see exactly where it was leaking from. Earlier in the day (several hours prior) a stick poked up on that side of the engine so i looked for loose hoses but didnt see any. Since that one time it hasnt leaked again, but i'm sure it did not fix itself. Any ideas of what could be broken/cracked/loose? And what really puzzles me is that it has not leaked again after having such a large leak. I will try to take some pictures of the suspect area and post them.

Thanks in advance, James
Yes it is on the drivers side. I was never far from horizontal, just driving on dirt roads, orange groves, flat woodlands, and pastures.
fe runs a higher fuel pressure(not sure on the number, maybe 12-15psi) then carbs(4-5ish psi).

if you were spewing gas the way it sounds. look for a leaky hard line(pin hole).

clearly easier with the engine running, although use extreme care when looking with the trouble light. working outside would be a good idea, atleast until you figure out what is leaking.

there was a story in TT the other year about a guy working on his tank, inside, over winter. not only did he lose his truck, but the whole house. very sad, as it all could have been avoided.
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All of the gas lines on a fj62 run down the passenger side. if it is leaking down the drivers side than it is probably one of the lines from the fuel pump "they are rubber" to the hard lines going to the engine

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