Mystery alarm features on rs3000

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Dec 4, 2022
Dallas TX
I’ve been trying to research this rs3000 alarm system, but mine seems to have a few modifications I’m not sure about.

I got the truck with only one key and no fob. I wanted to add a fob, but before I do, I want to make sure everything is setup as intended. Don’t want to have to deal with random alarm triggers.

First, this gray wire into the rs3000 was cut. Anybody know what that’s for?

Then I have this knob on my dash that only does anything when the vehicle is powered on. Turn it right, the light next to it turns green and the two red lights in front of the cluster go through a sequence of flashes. Turn it left and the led turns orange and a different sequence of flashes.

Any suggestions before I turn this thing into a random annoying flashing honker? Or worse, stuck somewhere with a no start situation?



Nov 17, 2018
Erie, PA
The gray wire is the antenna. Some guys extend that wire for better fob range. It wont work with it cut unless you're right on top of it with the fob.

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