My weekend in Puerto Rico-TLC lovers!

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Mar 22, 2008
Puerto Rico
I have to fly to my hometown in the south of the beautiful island Puerto Rico for a family funeral,i know many people down there,but contact a few friends using they told me about a nice person in the town of Cabo Rojo, near st rd 100 and hwy #2 ...Mariano,that he been working and restoring FJ40 for more than 34 years. What an experience for me talk to him about our great hobbie, i'm pretty new on Toyota LC just 1 year ago but my passion for this great legendary 4x4 its growing every day more and more.

If they want to move this topic to other forum its ok,i just want to share a few pictures that i took last saturday,but to make the fack that the FJ40 its a world wide off road machine that follow many people on they memories....:D
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Thanks,Nice post ,One of my good friends is from Puerto Rico. Mike
And now a 1960 FJ25(corrected the year) factory soft top with 16' black rims...also waiting for funds for the owner,this its the best one if i will have to choose one for me.:D
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I love PR ! - Nice Cruisers

I was just in PR in Jan and went to Culebra for a few days with some friends. I have many friends there who may love these. Does he sell them?
The town is Cabo Rojo, ST RD 100 near Hwy num 2. In my home town Yauco, i found 3 fj40 in one day
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Hope you guys enjoys the pictures,i have to fly back to PR next month ,i will post more photos when i came back..:popcorn:
and this its a factory fuel post filter?

yes that is factory...and quite rare also.

the rig is not a 64...the way it looks i bet 58-60.

Do me a that up in the fj25 section...they will love to see it...they are also going to ask for the frame # ;)
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Great pics. Thanks for sharing them! :beer:
Great shots man, interesting to see overseas FJwhatevers! Puerto Rican Piggie!
JohnnyC,thanks for the year date,i just call Mariano and told me its a 1960,he will bring more inf on the chassis number and i will post those pic on the FJ25 forum,thanks to all for the comments . Jose-Florida

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