My USB port and cig lighter are dead

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Aug 18, 2016
Amarillo Texas
My son and some friends took my 2010 LC on a ski trip, and one of his friends got the bright idea to plug a small cooking device into the lighter. That didn’t end well. The lighter went dead as did the front USB port.

I had a shop check the fuses and they all are reportedly ok. Any ideas on what is broken? Thank you.
Check fuses again. There are several locations, including under hood, footwell panels, etc.
If not 26, then I’d look at Fuse 1 in that panel for “Cigarette Lighter”
Thank you again!
The power outlet fuse in the drivers footwell panel as described above fixed my cigarette lighter plug. I believe the USB is a different fuse though as it was working on mine at the time the other wasn't. You might want to do some yoga or drink some vodka before you attempt it.

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