my two cruisers for your truck

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XXXX Looks like I will put the 62 up for sale by itself in a different thread XXXX
XXXX I will also probably be selling the 80 as well within a week or so!! XXXX

This is kind of a feeler post but I am thinking about trying to trade my 1995 80(no lockers) with 168,000 very clean(seats arent perfect), no rust as well as my 1988 62 with 165,000 non power with 2.5 OME lift looks very nice from a few feet away. Both have been serviced and maintained very well. I am looking for a truck with pretty low miles and it needs to be a crew cab. Im not super picky about the make. Im looking for either a tundra, chevy or ford 4x4 crew cab, gas or diesel, in good condition. Anyway, not sure this will even pan out but im just throwing it out there. I will for sure be selling the 62 and I am talking to someone about it now so this may become a trade my 80 plus cash thread if I find the right truck. Please let me know if there are any details that you would like to know.
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Don't have a truck to trade but Im interested in buying your 88 FJ62. Sounds like someone else may have first dibbs but let me know if that's not the case. I'm interested so let me know if we can talk.
I'll keep you in mind butter. I should know more soon.
PM ed you. I'm interested in the 62. I'll be right behind Butter for dibs.
not a crew cab, but i'd trade my 95 powerstroke extended cab 4x4 for your 80
not a crew cab, but i'd trade my 95 powerstroke extended cab 4x4 for your 80

Thanks Nuke but im looking for a crew cab and a little bit newer.
butter, your pm box is full

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