My turbo charging results

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Jan 5, 2005
Sorry for the delay but its been busy since going back ot school. Over the holidays I was finaally able to install my home brew turbo kit. The kit consists of the following.

1. Mitsu turbo from D50 truck that is externally waste gated
2. Custom built manifold made from sch 80 pipe fittings....cause they were free
3. Oil fitting for taking oil from the low pressure shut off switch port on the block.
4. Modified banjo bolt and has 5/8" barb out the end of the bolt for the return oil return line
5. 5/8" hydraulic hose for the return line
6. 1/4" Copper tubing for oil supply line
7. Misc rad hoses for connecting air box to turbo inlet and also connecting outlet to cruiser TB

I think thats about it.

The install.....
It went over pretty smoothly. A couple things needed to be change the mount for the waste gate diaphram. other than that it went over smooth. Took some creative thinking to get the air box to turbo line as well. As it sits now it is pretty restricive I think so I hope to change that some.

The Results.
GREAT!!! I love my new truck. Just seems to have legs now and wants to run.
When we first put the unit on we had no exhaust hooked up and we made boost up to 14-15psi max. There is no just spools right up right now. After exhaust was on with the muffler we lost both my new fav. sound and some boost. max was 10psi. Next we removed the muffler and shortened the exhaust. The helped us no make a max 12psi with 2" tubing and a 2" turbo outlet. My favorite part about the turbo is the ability to make boost at low RPM.
Out of my drive way on the farm I can make easy 5psi. Instantly. I feel it mostly help the truck in mid range power. It doesnt bog or lug at all like it used to. Now my EGTs have maxed at about 1100 Post turbo when I keep my foot into it for as long as I care too. The speedo was at 120 wich is about 140 with the big tires still we only just barely saw about 1100. Cruising at 100 it was about 800f and 9psi. It cools down pretty quickly all and all. If run it hard and take a little time to go through the gears coming down it cools to below 400 in about a minute.

My next few things I want to look at are playing with my disabled wastegate and also maybe touching the fuel. It was obviously out of tune before since we are noticing power gains. We now see zero smoke as before it would send us a cloud every so often. My EGT's also indicate that there seems to be enough fuel but I would still like to play a bit.

I also would like to make a less restrictive intake and maybe go to 2.5" exhaust. I figure that would help EGT's and boost.

I'm sure I've missed alot so feel free to ask questions.

what engine and truck did you put it on... (assuming 3b here)?

Nice job Tyler!!

I have a D50 turbo and all associated parts for a custom (you'll still have to do some custom work)job like this if anyone is interested. I don't have the external wastgate model. The turbo is in good shape and this would be great on a bj60 or b40/2.

$200obo plus shipping. Pics of the turbo can be seen in the turbo thread or I can take pics of the parts I have for this project.
Speakinig of pics, how about some Tyler? Especially of that manifold.

Wes I am interested in your turbo kit:grinpimp: but cannot swing the cash right now. You may hear from me again in a couple weeks.

I also want to know what vehicle this is on. I've looked at the manifold flip/D50 homebrew option in my rig but I believe the power steering pump will get in the way. I do not want to relocate and would rather get a different manifold, maybe the 13BT (but then go with a C26 turbo), or have a custom one done... so again, can we see some pics of that manifold Tyler?

Tyler said:
My favorite part about the turbo is the ability to make boost at low RPM.
Out of my drive way on the farm I can make easy 5psi. Instantly. I feel it mostly help the truck in mid range power. It doesnt bog or lug at all like it used to.

Man this turbo sounds perfect for 3Bs.

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Pics will soon arive of the entire set up. If you want to see the manifold check this out... Stuff/

That is a pic of the entire set up built off the truck. I'm gonna try and get the inplace pics soon. Might not be till next weekend though. I also had to make the exhaust piece from the back of the turbo. The original one doesn't work out.

The truck is an 81 BJ42. The thing I love about this set up is the ability to use the stock air box. Makes the install look nice and clean. Once I get the new intake stuff made it will look even cleaner.

The CT-26 is also a great choice if you get the right one. I haven't heard anything good about the supra ones and from my calcs I'm not sure there the best choice. The sweetest would be a vasirable vane unit....

Definitely looking forward to seeing the pics and writeup...
Congrats dude .. I never know about D50 Mitsu truck .. but I thought I can investigate here ..

So your 2" pipe are great but why not 2.5" and pre turbo Pyro .. ? ( coz, you are real interested in Know the EGT right after the head and no after the turbo.

Well to answer the first question. The bolt patter on the back of the turbo only allows for a 2" pipe and the casting exit is only 2" so thats why I stayed with 2". I soon plan on enlarging my exhaust pipe to 2.5 or 3" in hopes to cool my EGT's down. Post turbo pyro was actually just a sort of mistake. We installed turbo and then put pyro in. It was easier to remove just the exhaust housing rather than the entire turbo and manifold. I also didn't realize it was benificial to go pre bad.


Turns out I get to do this as my fourth year engineering project so alot more info and testing will be on its way. Also hope to try the Holset HY35 unit and compare. Intercooler too if I can find a cheaper one..
What are you and diesel dude roommates?

similar projects, both engineering students?????

congrates on the set up. Glad to hear all is working fine.

Diesel Dude has helped me a ton on this one. Very helpfull and I have to thank him. I get what I think is the perfect turbo whine with this unit. Getting rid of your muffler is a must. The sound is really really cool

New Project and more Finds.

Off I went for my weekly princess auto run and found some perfect host for building a snorkel. That along with 3" exhaust are the projects for this weekend. Snorkel will be 3" ID so it should help airflow over the stock set up. I'll be sure to take pics and post up later.

Another intersting find was a mitsu TD05h turbo with intercooler out of a 89 laser. Set the motor up on my spreadsheet and found that at the lasers redline the cfm is the same as the cruisers redline. I may have to pick it up to see how it would work. It is originally infront of the passenger tire and draws air through a port in the spoiler. Not sure where I could put it but I might be able to find something.....We'll see I guess.
are you sure that 3" is larger than stock for the intake? sounds small

The 3" I figured to have about twice the area as the original port to the airbox. The original easily fit inside the new one with tons of room to spare. I just ron from the stock airboc to the out side. Pics later to explain...
I have a 3in mandrell bent exhast tubeing snorkel. I just rotated the stock air box, cut a hole in the upper fender, and bolted it near the airbox and the windshield hinge. the snorkel hooks up to the airbox by a short rubber hose clamped to both. the the tube out of the airbox is 2.5 in I think, so the 3in snorkel has a 3 to 2.5 addapter welded to the end so that the 2.5 rubber hose is a water tight fit. Heres a few pics.
Well Here it Goes.

Well This is what I started out with. Its of an 86 D-50 Diesel truck. I custom built the manifold from 2" sch40 pipe fittings and 1/2" plate. After it was fabbed up I milled it flat to ensure a good seal.. so far no leaks.


Then came the install.
First we removed the air box and associated plumbing. Next the stock manifold was removed. It was scary since some of the bolts were only slightly tighter than finger tight.

Next I scraped off what was left of the old gasket.

I then tried to bolt on the manifold/turbo assembly we had a few issues with bolt holes lineing up perfectly but everything worked out in the end.

I did have to remove mount for waste gate controller. Since I didn't end up using it I probably won't put it on..

Then I started plumbing the oil supply from the low pressure shut off.


The drain went into the oil return for vaccum pump. I brazed a 5/8" barb onto the banjo bolt.

Then was some plumbing of the air system. I used anytthing I could for that.


And after that I fabbed up a snorkel...3" pipe fittings. and tied it into the stock air box. I still need to fab up the top scoop. Its gonna be another 90 I think wait and see I guess.

Heres some snorkel pics



Feel free to rip it up or ask questions...
Looks cold in yer garage there....

Looks very good. Thanks for the pics and details--fantastic resource for me.

One thing I remember from the "Turbo Position" post is that it's best maybe to return the oil directly into the pan so there is absolutely no restriction in the flow.

Gotta be something you can do with that python intake... is there a way like Deny said to rotate the top of the airbox so you can go more directly into the turbo? How about some pics Deny?

oil and air

for the oil return line I'm not to sure I need to go to the pan. The orfice that supplies the turbo is less than 1/16" so there won't be too much oil I hope.

I plan on building a quicker and cleaner entry from the airbox to the turbo. Next weekends project..

Tha garage wasn't to cold actually. We just got in from the rain in january. It was nuts today. I could skate down the highway.
Gotta be something you can do with that python intake... is there a way like Deny said to rotate the top of the airbox so you can go more directly into the turbo? How about some pics Deny?

I can't get any pics for a while, because my truck is parked for the winter at my bosses place out of town, but I can tell you that I rotated the base around so that the intake into the box pointed to where arnott welded his on, then the lid is still pointed at the stock location. The clamps don't sit where they are suppose to, but they clamp even tighter, and never move. I was thinking of a possible way to mount the stock box and a snorkel with a turbo, and thought maybe a way to go would be to swap the position of the battery and the air box. I haven't looked to see if it woud work, but I am sure with some little fabrication and imagination, it would work. Just a thought.

Nice turbo write up and pics by the way.
arnott1t said:
Also hope to try the Holset HY35 unit and compare. Intercooler too if I can find a cheaper one..

Yes please! From what I hear this turbo has been pulled off a lot of trucks at performance shops, in the quest for more power. I would interpolate from this info there are a few laying around. What was the fellow saying that used the had to have the 3" inlet?



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