My Truck...Thanks for lookin.

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Mar 8, 2007
In a van, down by the river
OK, got a bunch of help from this site and the good folks here. Have had this gem for about a month or two now and have been working on fixing various issues it had due to lack of upkeep on a 30yr old vehicle.

Loving it now...just a few more issues to work out. My goal of making it a useable truck to do some work with.
A Few more pics

A few more...
Great looking rig Sam...I have always dug that understated colour...and I always appreciate cruiser photos with the addition of canine sidekicks -they look like little demons -very cool :grinpimp:....I cannot wait to house my brute in the back of my 55. I hope your progress continues in a fine state.
wow nice, this may sound weird but your panels all fit together really nice:grinpimp:
Very Nice Cruiser, like the color, also.:cheers:
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks and Thanks...Appreciate the comments.

And yes they are demons, but I love em'.
Great colr, great winch, bitchin' tires. You are well on the way.


I see you have not one but two of the better anti-theft systems available...

yappie dogs.
useable rig?, iI don't see any hope for that going off your pictures.

there are a bunch of good guys here (I'm still standing in line for a position to open up) that would be more than willing to take that "mess" off your hands and just chaulk it up as a loss.

it's a community thing :beer: :beer: :beer:

nice looking FJ, :grinpimp:
really nice if it was mine i would paint the frame and axles, what are the seats out of?
Seats are stock...Seat covers. I want to work it and maybe frame off at later date.

I have another 40, same year that is 60%? done with frame off.

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