My truck is falling apart UGH!

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I think it's a tear in the space-time continuum...

or maybe someone put a whistle in your tail pipe :hillbilly:
Did you ever see Christmas Vacation? Maybe you have a squirell living in your thind member.
alright injury report.... i took apart the rear axel. my bearings look really good no play in them my seals look good too. soo i went to my 3rd member and i think i founded the noice it looks like the dust sheild on the pinion is lose. and spinning on the member. does that mean that the pinion is lose?
Mine does that and evey rig I have had with a dust shield has come loose and rattles around. They are a lame bit of thinking when they made those. Pound it on or cut it off. USe some duct tape to hold it temp and see if the sound went away. If it did, you know what it is. Too bad you had to take it all apart.

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