My Troopy Overland Build (V8 Turbo Diesel VDJ78) (1 Viewer)

May 13, 2018
New Zealand

My Troopy Overland Build (V8 Turbo Diesel VDJ78)
For me, 70 Series Series Land Cruiser family is one of the best looking vehicles ever built; and in my opinion, at the pinnacle of that is the Troopy. It is fair to say I have had a soft spot for them, having owned a couple now, but mostly finding that 99.9% of them have been used commercially (ie mining, forestry. government agencies, fleet vehicles etc) . Over the past few years I have been keeping my eye out for a tidy Troopy (preferably a VDJ V8 Turbo Diesel as opposed as the older 1HZ straight 6 non-turbo), here in New Zealand. Finding a tidy example thought is a very tough ask...

Roll on November 2020, and I stumbled across this: 2010 VDJ78R Troopy V8...wait for it....privately owned, and was a farmlet-to-town commuter vehicle, so she has had a VERY easy life. It has been very well looked after by the previous owner, with full service history. Luckily I spotted this rig only 10 minutes after it was listed, so was first on the list. I only had to take once glance in person, and drive her for all of 20 seconds, before I knew she was an absolute gem. As a bonus, all of our Troopies over here come with factory front and rear lockers!

My plans for this truck are to be my daily driver and adventure rig - cruising the back roads of our beautiful country, which is fill of rivers, mountains, snow, desert, and everything in between. So it's fair to say it will have to be a versatile rig, which can be a tough ask of a 2 door Cruiser! Let's see....

Planned Mod/Accessory List:

  • ARB Deluxe winch bar
  • 2" EFS lift (constant load 300kg rear springs, 60-100kg load front coils)
  • BFGoodrich KO2 285/75r16's
  • 16x8 Dynamic black steel wheels (front pair are 0p offset, rears are -50p offset, to correct the track difference from factory)
  • Flat roof platform (with attachments for awning, Quickfists for shovel, recovery tracks etc)
  • 2m x 2.5m RMR side awning
  • MCC rear bar with one swing away tyre carrier, and the other a jerry can holder
  • Weathershield set
  • 3" exhaust (muffler delete, but I want to keep the cat and resonator)
  • Safari Armax snorkel/raised air intake
  • Camper setup in back
  • ARB twin compressor
  • Dual battery system

Here are a few pics from the day of viewing:

Photo 18-11-20, 12 48 51 PM.jpg

Photo 18-11-20, 12 49 13 PM.jpg

Photo 18-11-20, 12 49 26 PM.jpg

Photo 18-11-20, 12 49 32 PM.jpg
Jun 13, 2014
Milano - Italy
super nice car .
lucky you
as I understand from the different accessories that you would like to put on the beauty , it will become a camping car .
accessories are strictly personal , but ......if I may say my word ,
will skip on the issues of difference front and rear track difference , in the 70-80 many heavy and luxury cars had a wider front track , to improve stability in curves .
Citroen DS ,mercedes 500 .
if you ca put the extra fuel under the car , much more stability in off road and road . and the fuel is out of the way for life time .
Snorkel , best would be to have the toyota top on the safari 1 piece body .
just my 2 cents

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