My trailer project

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Sep 16, 2010
Boise, Idaho
So i just got this trailer a few weeks ago for free and i'm planning on building it up to be a half work half camping trailer.
for work really all i need is a floor,and all the camping set up removable, so that's the simple part.
as far as camping i want a place to sleep 1-2 people plus possibly a table inside
my plan as of now is to get a vinyl top that will run across the whole top and upper sides but one side will be substantially longer to make an awning off the side when the weather is good or be strapped down when conditions call for it.

so my major things i need to figure out are, a back door/gate, the front juts out for the upper 3 ft and i need to figure out a way to seal it off, i would like a battery set-up and interior lights
it currently has no suspension so that is obviously a must

over all im trying to stay as inexpensive as possible while still having a nice looking functional trailer. (i am willing to spend money but since the trailer was free and id rather spend the money on my 40 and i'm really in no rush to get this perfected if it means saving $)

easiest way to paint?or best type of paint? any and all ideas for it are welcome
at this point it is a clean slate with nothing committed besides basics for registration:hmm:

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