My tire sucks the big time!!

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Sep 2, 2003
Anybody in snowy region suggest better traction tires for LC?
My Bridgestone Dueler HT really is not a good snow driving tires, or am I just a poor driver in snow?
Sliding on stop and go, missed a left turn because the darn thing did not stop, and it goes on... And the worst is, this tire is not worn...

I am running BFG All-terrains 285's. They aren't bad in snow (not good in slush) and they suck in mud. There is no perfect all around tire. I too have slide in the snow while cornering with the BFG's, but I think allot has to do with the weight.

SLOW DOWN !!!!!!
there was a thread a little while ago on some good snow tires I beleive by id doug, the fact is you are stopping 6k pounds. doenst matter what tire you put on will still slide a bit. FWIW I run the bfg atkos and they are ok in snow, not great but ok. stopping and starting in snow require the same gentle touch on the pedal. just dont be in a hurry and you will be ok.
bridgestone dueler h/t suck. my moms got them on her new highlander. and they gotta go the car is unsafe to drive with those tires. my brother just got some cooper m/s tires on his 4runner. those tires rock. great in the snow. car that is normally light on rear end traction has amazing bite in the snow. i just ordered up some bridgestone winter duelers. these tirea are a snow tire and are supposed to be amazing in the snow. i am getting them either today or tomorrow and there is still snow on the roads here in newyork. and i will post an update on how they preform. oh and just to let u know i have a house up vt and i am a very good driver in the snow.
Just got my new x terrians and I will be testing them in the snow this weekend. I will let you know how they do.

Most A/T tires are not good in the snow; they do not have (enough) sipes in the sidewalls, which provide snow traction. The OEM Michelin LTX's are very good in the snow I had Pirelli Scorpion A/T's, which with their gnarly tread, appear to be great in the snow.....they suc*ed.

I now have Kumho Venture A/T's which are better than the Michelin and Pirelli in ALL aspects of driving. Highly Recommended, and with raised white letters, they look good also.
If you want a snow tire that works, quit screwing around with ATs. They are a poor compromise at best. Get a dedicated snow and ice tire. Depending on size, you are pretty limited in manufacturers. Yokohma ITs make the largest sizes, and are available up to a 315/75 R16. Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Deuler only makes up to a 265/75R16 I believe.
If you want the best traction available quit fooling yourselves with ATs and M+S rated tires and get a true ice tire. If you only use them for winter driving they will last years, and switchhing back to ATs and MTs for the summer will also ad to the longevity of those tires as well. To make it really easy get an extra set of rims. MN cruiser, you must live in Minnisota. Just get a real winter tire, you will be very happy.
Ok rant finished.

Which Kumho ventures do you have and what do you think of them?

wear, traction, handling dry/wet, ride

I'm looking at getting a set either the AT(41) or the MT if I can find them.

I have the Venture A/T's and only have 2000 miles on them. For A/T tires, they have a fairly "mild" tread pattern, which equates to a ride that is as soft/quiet as the Michelin LTX M&S. As mentioned, they are great in the snow; we got 15" of the white stuff in CT, and I had no problems. Huge improvement over Pirelli Scorpion A/T's.

Best thing about these tires is the performance/price equation; I paid $90 each installed. Kumho's get great reviews for car performance tires, so I'm not surprised with how happy I am with their A/T's.

The 80 series in general is only fair in the snow. Too much weight, which equates to tough stopping and a lot of lateral movement when accelerating in a turn.

I previosly owned 3 Audi Quattros...the absolute BEST in snow.
I'll second the Michelin LTX's. They're not an off-road tire at all, but they are super quiet on the road and do great in rain/snow. IIRC they come from Michelin siped, which helps a bunch.
the largest size the yokohama snow tires come in is the same as the bridgestones.
here are the seizes they are avaliable in:
225/70R15 100T 205/70R15 96T
235/70R15 103T 31X10.5R15 109Q
215/70R16 100T 235/70R16 106T
245/70R16 107T 275/70R16 114T
Have you tried DC F/C? Arctic Trucks favorite tires. Considering the weight of the LC, you should use wider tires aired down for more contact surface. I was told that this tires have balance issues and wears out faster on other terrain. :-\
Whomever said the 80 is only fair in snow should be horsewhipped. Full time 4WD (WAY better on snow than the 98% of vehicles that are part time), 2.5 tons of downforce, excellently balanced suspension, optional lockers if you horse around and end up in the ditch, etc, etc.

The 80 series has no shortcomings on snow and ice. Mentioning the weight makes no sense whatsoever as traction is a function of down force (greater downforce = greater traction). Obviously if you ask more of the vehicle's traction than it has you now have to control 5300+lbs, but sliding around is up to the driver.

If you want to drive on snow and ice without concern, then consider the price of a set of dedicated winter tires as part of the deal. Most truck tires (A/T, M/T, highway tread) suck for snow, so ironically most SUVs/pickups are on suboptimal tires in winter compared to their car brethren. I've long felt that's the REAL reason so many are in the ditches in snowstorms.

I run the studless Michelin Arctic Alpins in 265/75-16 and they rock on everything cold and wet. Best studded tire I've used was the Cooper Discoverer S/T with sipes and studs. Blew away the Dunlop Radial Rover R/Ts and Kelly Safari DTRs I also had studded and siped.

One other consideration is that your f/r brake balance may not be optimal as indicated by easily locking front tires on snow. I've always felt the 80s had too much front bias and have adjusted mine accordingly.

bwbski, I have to prove you wrong. I have a set of Yokohama Geolander ITs in a 315/75R16 currently on my truck. They just came out with them. Here is the full link with all sizes. . I have been driving them on snow and ice for the last 3 weeks straight. It is alot of fun driving friends up to the ski hill. They think you are going to slide off the road, and you just boot around the corners with nary a slide. It impresses the s#!* out of em.

Where do you get these special effects? Do you secretly work for LucasFilms?

On the tire, I'd bet they absolutely suck on typical street snow and on ice. Major deductions for lack of lateral edges and oversize voids. On the plus side, they are both black and round... Plus my gonads twitch when I stare at them too long - does that count?


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