My simple sleep / storage platform.

Aug 26, 2009
So, I woke up feeling a bit ambitious the other morning and decided to build a platform. I had been kicking some ideas around in my head, but didn't really decide on any plans till the day I built it. I didn't want drawers because they're expensive, heavy, they waste a ton of space, don't fit a 60" Hi-Lift and I can't imagine that they don't rattle.

I'm no expert craftsman, and this was the first time I really built something out of wood since high school, given my limited access to tools, and the limited time I spent building, the fit and finish are far from perfect, but it's perfectly functional.

I only really messed up one aspect of my plans as I thought I would be able to slide my 60" Hi-Lift bar out of the slit on the right beam, but because of the way the trunk is designed I have to lift up the right side of the platform to get the bar out. This ended up not being a big deal as I don't wheel hard enough to be using my Hi-Lift on every outing, and it's really just for emergencies. It ended up being a perfect spot for my Gransfors Bruks small forest axe. The two beams when tightened fully clamp down on the Hi-Lift bar holding it securely in place.

The whole project isn't finished yet, as I'm still undecided if I want to carpet the top or get some better bath mats and stain the wood. Either way, carpet or mats are necessary as they keep the sides of the wood from rubbing on the interior. I'm not sure about the rope system for holding the main panel up either, that will probably get changed.

The height was purposely built just below the height of the seats to allow for more headroom when I'm sitting in the back, and I don't even really feel the transition when I'm laying on my Big Agnes air mattress (I've already spend two comfortable nights back there). I also built it just a bit short toward the rear of the truck so that things can be accessed/stuffed underneath when the tailgate's closed.

As you can see, there is more than enough room for my humble recovery gear, and surprisingly nothing bounces around or makes noise as pictured, but once I've added the rest of the gear I take with me everything is nicely packed in.

The obvious disadvantage to this design is that you couldn't mount a fridge properly. I don't plan on adding one any time soon; and if I do it will probably go where the passenger side seat is, as I don't like the idea of having to mount it on slides, and having a higher center of gravity.

The total costs ended up being a bit more than expected as the marine grade plywood was $100 at the only place that carried it locally, but after buying everything pictured, some hacksaw blades, and a drill bit the total cost was still <$200.

Any comments on how I should finish the platform will be welcomed and appreciated.








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Where's My Hammer?
Oct 7, 2008
you need a few more tie downs :flipoff2:

I need to get on this project pronto, nice idea.

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