My official build :71 fj40

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Dec 8, 2007
Lyons Colorado
This is what it started as, 15 months ago, I stripped it down, and now she is running, currently tunning the fuel injection. It needs some small things to drive, but they are all on the way so I wanted to go ahead and start the thread.
I mostly used braided steel wheels for a 4 1/2 inch angle grinder to take it down to metal. Then bed linered the inside, sprayed the fire wall, etc.
I will post more tommorrow with more pictures and get you all caught up.
idaho rebuild 109.jpg
idaho rebuild 130.jpg
idaho rebuild 156.jpg
I look forward to seeing more, I bought a 71fj40 in November 08'...still getting parts together to get it running better. ;)
More cleanup

So here is the finished bed liner (althought I ended up doing a few more coats) And the Fire wall.

Funny thing is I thought I was so close at this point. Little did I know.
idaho rebuild 131.jpg
idaho rebuild 140.jpg
idaho rebuild 026.jpg
jealsoy rages within

i am seriously impressed. very good work. keep us posted.
3-5 months in.......

I started on the motor/tranny/t-case.
What I learned is I could have done more on this step. I came back later and did things like: T case ssavers, tranny pan mod, twin sticks, ram horn manifolds, I also was sloppy with the install of water pump, heater block offs, temp senders, oil pressure senders, etc.
I had to go back and do these over. Not fun assembled.

I have taken the thing apart dozens of times now. Im getting good at it.
idaho rebuild 152.jpg
idaho rebuild 273.jpg
idaho rebuild 284.jpg
I used Hurculiner, and rolled, or "poured it in" Its thick, and has cured for a year, should be good. Thanks for the compliments, Ill post more soon
Took a break and moved to a much larger garage

And thats when things got fun......
Disk brakes in front
F250 shock towers modified
Howe Racing Radiator
Braided lines
Lokar Shifter
American Auto Wire highway 15
5150 bilstien 14 inches travel
PSC hydro box, yj version
Flaming River steering column
Borg Shaft and U joints (one is double)
KRC serpintine and PS pump
Powermaster altenator
V6 4 runner calipers
Vented rotors
Big bore master/new booster
etc etc
FALL 08 064.jpg
FALL 08 067.jpg

I never thought it would go this far.
THe P.O messed some stuff up, he had a horrible outside the frame ps set up that the welds were braking on. I wanted to fix that, but the motor was offset to much to the driver side. I had to move the motor, to do so ment grinding and torching off the nastyfied booger mounts. So why not paint it up, right. Well a little crome on the motor, might as well, youve come this far. I like big shocks, do you? hy steer is eaiser than trying to make the old crap work, and so on. This thing has made me crazy!!!!!
10-13 Months in....

I decided to make my front end super burrly. I took 2 peices of 3/8 angle and did the front crossmember. Then accomadated the P.O's shackle reversal, that I have grown to like, with 1/4 and 3/8 (confusing set up, but the square tubing is wider than the frame by about 1/4) Maybe you can see what Im saying, as I post more pictures. I also took 3/8 and reinforced the inside of the frame on both sides of the motor mounts and rear AA crossmember.
It has downey 4 inch lift springs, under axle. Longer shackels, shackle reversal with dropped front perch. 2 inch body lift, and 36x12.50x15 TSL SX on procmp alloys.
Last Month....

I have been working on it now 15 months. I work as a Chef 40 hrs a week, and In my garage about 60 per week. I have been building other things as well, K5 blazers(for buddies), Chevy 1 ton tow rig, Dailys, etc. When I started on this I knew very Little about these things, and cars in general, I wasnt as idiot about them, but Thanks to Ih8mud I feel comfortable with these things now. I am still waiting to get my fan brackets, and a bumper made, a cage as well. But she will be ready very soon. I imagine you know how I feel about it right now. AHHHHHHHH

waiting on parts, and the feeling of completion, although Ive still got plans, for front locker (rear is welded), lights, metal tech cage, ring and pinion 4.88? the list will get bigger after I drive it, im sure.
I would love to hear som suggestions and comments.
Its main purpose will be off roading, I want to be a regular at Moab, and anything else thats close. I have some other buddies here locally that I will whell with, No Cruisers though. I am in East Idaho, or Western Wyoming, if you know anyone who wheels out here, let me know.
I will probally trailor it to far away stuff, and cruise around Jackson some, but mainly rompin for this cruiser.

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