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Jan 28, 2015
91 fj80. 3FE 170k. Only thing done so far are the 33 12.5 Toyos.

Plans as of right now is un trim it, de smog and bypass the EGR. Lose the bumpers and start bending some up with sliders. And exhaust. I want it opened up and breathing better and something a little louder (loud pipes saves lives haha) And catch up on all the PM this thing hasnt been kept up in.

Future plans: lift... Undecided on size, gear kit and at least a locker. And definetley paint.
Ain't that the truth. Congrats on your new cruiser!
That was the hill climb that let me know I had a slight cooling problem.. Fixed now
Found this doing the egr re route of the lines.. Anyone have a quick idea where it goes
Finally got around to taking off the flares and bumpers. Now to start the bumper and slider build
Welcome to the addiction! :flipoff2:
Somebody stop me if this has been done and its a disaster but I just ordered a hushpower from flowmaster since theyre a small framed muffler and instead of going traditional route with the exhaust I was going to come straight down the frame rail and have it tucked behind my slider (when I build/order) and dump out either behind or in front of my rear wheel
I understand the preference for the plate bumpers now... A lot of ugly to hide behind it.... So now I'm second guessing going with tube bumpers? Possibly modify the OEM bumper with some tubing and a recessed winch? Anyone have there own bumpers that aren't widely bought?
MT tube bumper w/ winch cradle covers a lot of it. We are putting one on club members 80 soon as he comes over to pick it up from me. I'm changing it out for a 4x4labs front bumper for no reason other than to change up my 80. I can let you know when we do that, or you can swing by and take a look at it.
Nice ride there Del, I had in my mind something very similar with the front. so thank you for that. And Retro what does yours look like?

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