my new rear cut fenders and taillights

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Dec 10, 2002
my new rear cut fenders and taillights :D
one more
Looks real good, I like how you rounded it off and didnt just hack the crapola out of it. &nbsp:Do you plan on raising the inner fenders???
Clearrrrrraaaaaance! 8)

Looks good!
kinda like mine;)
Only why did you cut so much off of the rear wheelwell when you didn't have to?


i did have to cut that far back. i moved the axle back 5 inches. it might not look like it in the pic. but my tires come back flush with the frame. the only thing out past the tires is the new bumpstop bar i had to make for my revolvers. my new wheel base is 105 inches :D :D :D
here is what it looked like with the tire stuffed before i moved the axle back. now you can see why i cut it all the way back.
the lights dont come with pigtail. just a female plug on the back. but used a bunch of my yotas old light wiring ends. they plugged right in :D :D :D

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